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Our Philosophy

At Ujjayi we share our own authentic Hatha yoga, a yoga that we have explored over many years of experience; yoga that has helped us to transform and live resourceful and resilient lives; yoga that helps us to live our truth; yoga that gives back the best to our families and community.

Trauma Sensitive

We specialise in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and body-based therapies for trauma recovery. We offer specialised closed groups and private therapeutic session. We hold space with care and consistency to help you manage, relieve and recover from the symptoms of trauma trapped in the body such as anxiety, tension and pain.

Dana - First Class by Donation

Dana is the practise of generosity and tradition of giving alms. Yoga teachers and gurus have long given their teachings freely as a gift to be shared and received by all. In a gesture of respect, those who receive teachings express their gratitude with a gift to their teacher by way of a donation. At Ujjayi we keep this tradition alive as we offer all locals their first class free of a formal charge. In exchange we ask all new students in our community to make a donation to a local not for profit we have chosen as a collective. If everyone donates the price of a casual class, $22, we estimate we can raise $2,500 for a local not for profit giving back to our community in 2021!

Ujjayi means 'to be victorious' and we believe you deserve to live victorious. Our invitation is to come and be curious, explore yoga and what it may offer you. There is opportunity to develop strength, resilience, flexibility and balance of body, mind and self.

About Ujjayi

Come and practise yoga in Launceston’s newest bespoke studio. Located in the heart of Launceston’s CBD we have carefully renovated a historical building at level 1/67 George st with lots of natural light and a fresh feeling.

About Ujjayi

Yoga Classes

We offer multiple class options for revitalisation, stretching, exploring the body and playing with form. All of our classes are trauma sensitive, and we have classes suitable for all skill levels, ranging from beginners through to experienced yogis.

Our Classes


Ujjayi Yoga Tasmania specialise in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Somatic Experiencing and body-based therapies to assist in trauma recovery. Our services are guided by clinical evidence and best practise in trauma recovery.

Our Therapies


This is our signature, 8 week therapeutic group yoga program for yoga recovery. Learn skills to reconnect, build trust, regulate and release. Contact Sarah for details and bookings.

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Sauna Sessions

Our modern Swedish style electric sauna is operating on Sundays so that you can relax and loosen up before class. Set between 70-80°C with low humidity our electric sauna offers a unique opportunity in Launceston to Sauna and Yoga in the same session!

Sauna Sessions

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Our full timetable of yoga classes is available online. Head to our Book Now page, create an account, choose your classes and breathe easy knowing there will be a mat rolled out just for you when you arrive!

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